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About the company

Our company carries out repairs and maintenance of all the electronic parts of electric vehicles and batteries of any capacity, assembled using various technologies. A team of highly qualified specialists has been working in the Spanish market for more than three years.

During our work, we have acquired extensive experience both in the replacement and repair of Li-ion batteries, and in the repair and replacement of BMS for them. We have gained a lot of experience in battery repair for electric scooters, segways, hoverboards, electric bikes, electric scooters, etc. Our engineers scrupulously studied the design of modern batteries that are used to power any individual electrical transport and developed a technology to repair this type of equipment. In most cases, we try not to completely replace the batteries, but instead carry out your repairs with a partial replacement of the non-working cells. In the course of our activity, we decided to organize our own production of lithium batteries of various types.

Our production has all the tools and equipment necessary to diagnose and carry out all kinds of electrical repairs.