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Mi Electric Scooter 3 Black Negro

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Travel up to 30 kilometers with the Xiaomi scooter

The battery that incorporates Mi Electric Scooter 3 is 7,650 mAh, which offers enough autonomy to travel up to 30 kilometers from your city.

In addition, to avoid a possible case of battery overload, when the scooter is not used for a period of 10 to 15 days, it automatically enters a sleep mode, in order to preserve its useful life. Another case where this sleep mode kicks in is when your battery is below 30% in idle state.

Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

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  • Maximum power: 600W
  • Super long range: 45km
  • Max speed: 25km/h
  • Fast folding: 3 seconds
  • Pneumatic wheels: 8.5″
  • multifunctional panel
  • Aerospace aluminum body
  • E-ABS + brake discs
SmartGyro SpeedWay V3.0 Electric Scooter SmartGyro SpeedWay V3.0 Electric Scooter
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SmartGyro SpeedWay V3.0 Electric Scooter

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Power: 800w

Maximum speed: 25 Km/h required by regulations

Speeds: 3 Gears

Battery: Lithium 13,000mAH 48V

Autonomy: From 40 to 45 Km

Wheels: 10″ Pneumatic

Brakes: Front and rear disc brake

Led lights: headlight, brake lights and leds on the base

Dimensions and weight: 119x130x60cm (113x45x23 cm folded)

Packaging dimensions and weight: 117x54x25 cm

Availability: Out-of-Stock

SmartGyro Rockway PRO V2.0 Electric scooter

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Power: Maximum power 1200W (nominal power 800W) 48V

Maximum Speed: Speed limited by law to 25Km/h

Speeds: 3 Gears

Battery: Lithium 15,000 mAh 48V

Removable battery: yes

Autonomy: From 50 to 60 Km

Wheels: 10″ Tubeless Tires

Brakes: Front and rear disc brake

Led lights: headlight, brake lights and leds on the base

Folding Structure: Yes, in 3 seconds

Dimensions and weight: Unfolded 118×95-124x60cm (width x height x depth), Folded 118x36x60 cm (width x height x depth) 25 Kg

Packaging dimensions and weight: 123x42x26 cm 30Kg

SmartGyro e-Xplorer electric scooter

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Powerful electric scooter suitable for all types of terrain SmartGyro e-Xplorer

With removable battery!


  • 3 Years Warranty (New Products)
  • 1 Year Warranty (Used and Batteries)
  • Other accessories: check warranty conditions

SmartGyro Raptor Electric Scooter 18ah 1300w 52v

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The most PRO of smartGyro, 52V motor and 1300W of maximum power.

With EABS hydraulic brakes, color display and regenerative braking.

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  • 3 Years Warranty (New Products)
  • 1 Year Warranty (Used and Batteries)
  • Other accessories: check warranty conditions

Folding Electric Scooter MAX G30

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Two wheels 36V 15Ah Folding Electric Scooter MAX G30 scooter for adult

Potencia máxima: 350 W

Vel. máxima: 25 km/h

Autonomía: Hasta 50 km

Tipo de rueda: Neumática

Tamaño de rueda: 10\'\'

Peso: 16.6 kg

Carga máx.: 120 kg.

Modo de conducción: 3 modos (Eco/Standard/Sport)

Electric transport

Electric transportation.

Electric transport for everyday use is rapidly taking over Europe's cities. It has many advantages: environmental friendliness, economy, availability. On the pages of the online store you will find all modern devices of this type, from scooters to unicycles.

Advantages of electric transport.

The strengths of this type of vehicle are:

  • Economics. First of all, buyers dream of saving on fuel: gas and gasoline are becoming more expensive every day. At the same time, most urban residents do not exceed more than 20-30 kilometers per day. The cost of a hundred kilometers of riding a scooter or a bicycle with an electric motor will cost only a few cents;
  • Accessibility for all of the population. To drive electric vehicles it is not necessary to take a driving course or reach a certain age. Both schoolchildren and respectable office workers can travel on such devices;
  • Passability and maneuverability. You can easily avoid traffic jams on sidewalks or bike lanes as motorists wait diligently for your color to be included at traffic lights;
  • Ecological cleaning. For many people it is important that their vehicle does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere and requires as little maintenance as possible. High quality scooters, bicycles, unicycles and hoverboards (gyroscooters) can be repaired 1 or 2 times a year. However, they do not produce exhaust gases;
  • Easy to operate. Many people abandon the bicycle, because they are not prepared to travel long distances every day, due to lack of physical shape. Also, it is important that many come to the office with clean clothes and no smell of sweat. Electric scooters and bikes require almost no physical work on your part - just hit the start button and go;
  • There is no need to pay for a parking space. Everyone knows how difficult it is to find a parking space in Europe, and most car parks are paid. The bike can be easily left in a specially equipped place, it is enough to buy a lock. You can pick up a unicycle or a scooter and bring it to the office, so no one covets your property;
  • There are no multiple additional costs. Buying a car, you undertake to pay insurance, regularly take it to the service station, wash the car and purchase additional adjustments. An electric scooter or bicycle costs much less to maintain. And most of the work you can do yourself;
  • Support from municipal authorities. Everything related to electric transport has the active support of the State. Car parks with the capacity to charge your device are being built, rental services for electric scooters or bicycles are being organized.

Finally, it's just fun: you can ride a bike with friends, go out at night and stroll around the city in a relaxed way. For tourists, rental electric bikes are a real find. Thanks to them, you can save on public transport, quickly go from one attraction to another. This is especially good in areas, where there are a lot of climbs - they can be easily overcome on a powerful scooter or bike.

What products appear on the site?

In the online store you will find scooters, bicycles, mopeds, hoverboards (gyroscooters), electric unicycles. For daily use (for example, to go to work or school), a scooter, bicycle or moped is suitable. Monowheel is also a good option.

In addition, hoverboards and unicycles can be used to walk with friends for short distances.

Electric transport