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Reinforced folding hook...
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Reinforced folding hook (Xiaomi)

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Reinforced folding hook for Xiaomi M365, Essential, S1, PRO, PRO2.

Color: black, white, red. 

By default we send black color, if you want other color, leave us comment with your order. 

Handlebars, Folding poles & Bases

Bobby pins, hangers, etc.

For none of the cyclists it is a secret that even the best models of Xiaomi electric scooters have their drawbacks. And one of the weak points of such transport is the front suspension. In the factory assembly, it can not boast of resistance and is destroyed in a fairly short period due to the effects of vibrations.

Hard bumps and driving on uneven surfaces can also render the rear suspension, fork and folding mechanism useless. Fortunately, scooter owners now have the opportunity to replace faulty parts on their own or at a

What can be bought on the page.

In this section of the store, the following products are available to you:

  • Steering wheel lock lever;
  • Steering wheel lock ring;
  • Deck cover;
  • Forks for different scooter models;
  • Front and rear suspension for electric scooters.
  • They will be useful both for renting scooters (after all, it is precisely such small parts that often fail), and for owners of 1-2 devices.

Plastic fork.

Scooter forks tend to crack due to constant vibration while riding. Although they are made of dense plastic, they will need to be replaced the more often, the more aggressive the operating conditions and the scooter.

Front and rear suspension.

This scooter part already includes a fork, fixing elements and a shock absorber. In addition, the set includes all the necessary tools to install equipment. The weight of the reinforced front suspension is about 1800 grams.

The suspension comes in two versions: mechanical and pneumatic. The mechanical suspension is equipped with a spring, due to which depreciation occurs. In pneumatics, damping is carried out by means of cylinders with compressed air inside. This is a more advanced system, which creates a smooth ride and has flexible settings.

Rear mechanical suspensions are also available.

Elements of the folding mechanism

Daily use of the scooter with frequent folding of its steering wheel leads to the fact that the elements of the folding mechanism quickly wear out. These include locking rings and levers, folding mechanism hooks.

In the online store you can buy reinforced mechanisms, designed for heavy loads.

Cover cover.

The platform the rider is on also wears out quickly, and many initially dislike its slippery surface. The rubber coating for the deck with a non-slip effect comes to the rescue.

Handlebars, Folding poles & Bases