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Mudguards, Covers & Screws

Wings and other protection.

On this page of the online store you will find all the necessary products to protect the wheels, the screen, as well as the rider himself from dirt. That is, there are wheel covers, fenders (one by one or together), wheel clamps, drop axle bolts (including reinforced ones), etc.

Page range.

In this section you have access to:

  • Wings (front, rear, sets);
  • Stirrups;
  • Covers for wheel forks;
  • Folding axle screws;
  • Screen covers;
  • Caps for USB connector.

These are just the little things, which fail quickly with regular vehicle use.

Wings for a scooter.

The electric scooter is always equipped with wings from the factory. This is not surprising, because they not only help protect you from small splashes, but also protect the wheel itself from mechanical impacts.

When hitting a curb or a deep hole, the wings of the scooter may be damaged. In this case, they must be replaced. On the site you can find products of the required category. The range includes part fenders (front or rear) as well as kits. Available in red, black and white.

Wheel cover.

The front and rear forks of electric scooters are covered with special covers, which can also be damaged during poor parking or extreme driving. In addition, the standard covers can be replaced with reflective ones - this is desirable if you often drive at night.

Bicycle wings.

This is a topic, which constantly causes controversy. Some cyclists are convinced that they are completely unnecessary, while others always install fenders on their two-wheelers.

The guards on a bike can be stationary or quick release. If your bike model is closer to a touring or city bike, then it's best to choose stationary fenders. For mountain bikes with electric drive, it is preferable to take the quick release.

Depending on the material, they can be made of plastic, metal and carbon fiber. In most cases, lightweight plastic wings are more than enough. The metal ones are suitable for city and touring bikes.

Folding axle screw.

All scooters are easy to ride due to the presence of a "knee" at the bottom of the handlebars. It is bent by the folding axis screw. You can buy a part in case of breakage or replace a normal screw with a reinforced one before problems arise.

Other details.

The footrests allow you to park your vehicle comfortably, while the protection of the screen and connectors extends the life of these components.

Mudguards, Covers & Screws