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The braking system of electric scooters and bicycles is not very different from that of conventional devices. It is controlled manually, therefore, it consists of parts, which perform the braking, cables, which transmit a signal, and a lever.

Disc brake device.

Disc brakes for scooters and bicycles were borrowed from automobiles. Having survived minor transformations, they "broke" into the world of two-wheelers and confidently stayed there for a long time.

This is the most functional and comfortable mechanism you can imagine. Braking is carried out by a hydraulic system, within which the brake fluid is located.

  • The disc is one piece, which is attached directly to the wheel. In the case of a scooter, the brake may be at the rear or on two wheels. Bicycle, - on each of the wheels;
  • The caliper (brake robot) is a part, which is fixed on a fork or frame. The caliper is equipped with brake pads between which the disc is held. It works by one or more (hydraulic) pistons or a mechanical component;
  • Brake pads are small pads, which support the brake disc. Organic soft pads are durable, smooth braking, do not damage the disc.

It also doesn't work without a brake handle and hydraulic line (cable). The handle is fixed on the flywheel, and the hydraulic line is a cable, which runs from the handle to the caliper. When you press the handle, the signal is immediately transmitted to the brake robot, it clamps the disc, and braking is done.

Benefits of disc brakes.

Scooter users have no choice, - all scooters of this type are equipped with disc brakes. The situation is different for cyclists: they can also look in the direction of so-called V-break brakes.

However, “discs” lead in all respects and have such advantages: powerful braking, more precise control of braking force, work perfectly in any weather, do not affect the tire in any way, have a long life useful, they do not require frequent maintenance or delicate use to prolong life.

Store section assortment.

On this page you can buy all possible spare parts for electric bicycles and scooters, namely: discs, brake pads, brake cables, brake levers, brake caliper (mechanical or hydraulic).