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Universal thumb throttle

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Three-wires: Red: Positive pole/Black: Negative pole/Green: Signal line.

Cable Length: Approx.165cm.

Voltage: 24V/36V/48V/60V/72V.

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Electronics occupies one of the central places in the device of a scooter, segway, hoverboard, mono-wheel or electric bicycle. Due to this, the device is started up, its operation is controlled.

Assortment of sections.

On this store page you will find products such as:

  • Display for electric scooter;
  • Throttle;
  • Mode change button;
  • Engine;
  • Wheel-motor;
  • Controller.

The replacement of these parts can be carried out both in complex repairs and in simpler works.

Motor wheel.

Modern electric scooters are powered by a motor wheel, inside of which is a tiny motor. Unlike older chain models, they do not have a weak point in the chain area and are easier to maintain.

The wheel motor has a neat appearance, it does not weigh too much and its power reaches 500-1000 V.

There are two types of drive wheels: gearless and geared. Gearless wheels are durable, unpretentious in maintenance, have a fairly high efficiency. Of the shortcomings, - they only have an impressive weight.

The sprocket is lighter and more compact, but you shouldn't expect a lot of power from it. Only a scooter, which is used exclusively in an urban environment at low speed (up to 15 km/h) is worth equipping in such detail.

Engines for electric vehicles.

On the site you can buy not only a mono wheel, but also the motor separately. This is necessary for those, who are going to repair their electric bike, for example. Like wheel motors, motors can be geared or gearless. All the advantages and disadvantages are the same.


On the site you will also find branded screens (copies and originals) for Xiaomi scooters. The simple design allows you to remove the old one and install a new screen without any hassle.


This is a necessary part for all electric transport, whose task is to transfer current from the battery to the motor wheel. Thanks to the controller, the turning intensity and the power supplied to the motor are regulated. You should choose a part, focusing on the current power of your battery.

Other components.

You can also buy throttles for electric vehicles on this page: a trigger (trigger handle), which sets the vehicle in motion, when pressed. The site's assortment is constantly updated with new electronic parts for monowheels, electric scooters, electric bicycles, gyro-scooters and mopeds.