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Pump adapter Pump adapter
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Pump adapter

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Adapter to inflate wheels on Xiaomi M365 electric scooter or similar.

The adapter to inflate tyre using standart pum or air compressor.

Wheels & Inner tubes

Tires, tubes and wheels for scooters.

The daily operation of the scooter to go to work or school, for business, is reflected more quickly in the condition of the wheels. And an unsuccessful hit against a pebble or broken glass, supplemented by the wrong pressure in the chambers, leads to their breakage.

That's why all scooter owners look for wheels, tires or tubes for their devices from time to time.

Camera selection.

Choosing a camera is quite simple, - you need to know the size of the wheels of your device. The camera can be, respectively, from 5 to 12 inches. The density of the rubber varies from one model to another: the light tubes are made of a thin material, while for off-road trips you can buy a dense tube made of thick rubber.

Tire selection.

With great attention, buyers refer to tire selection. Some riders criticize the factory fit of the wheels, so they replace the tire immediately after buying a scooter. When choosing it, you should rely on the following parameters:

  • Wheel diameter. The physical dimensions of the wheel must be known so that the selected camera simply fits into it. The tubes, like the tires, can be from 5 to 12 inches. Most city scooters have up to a 7-8 inch inner tube;
  • Protective type. It is recommended to select it based on the surfaces on which it mainly circulates. Extremely urban cyclists who ride on asphalt and concrete choose slick tires, smooth tires that literally slide on the surface and provide high speed. For park paths and roadsides, it's best to buy semi-slippery ones - they have a smooth center part and thin grooves on the sides for better grip. For off-road scooters, it is better to buy tires with a deep tread;
  • Production method: pneumatic or casting. Tires provide better cushioning, a tenacious connection with the ground. Alloy tires may look tough, but they don't have tubes inside, which means no breakdowns.
  • And, of course, the cameras can be white, gray, red, for all tastes!
  • Wheel selection.
  • If for any reason the entire wheel is damaged, it can be completely replaced. This applies only to the rear wheel, since the front wheel has a motor powered by the battery.
  • Nipple adapters.

You can inflate the rear wheel of the scooter with a conventional pump, but for the front you will need an adapter. You can also buy it in the "Wheels and tubes for scooter" section.

Wheels & Inner tubes