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Rear fender support (black,... Rear fender support (black,...
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Rear fender support (black, white, red)

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Rear fender support for Xiaomi M365, Essential, S1, PRO. For 8,5¨- 10¨ wheels.

Color: black, white, red. 

By default we send color white, if you want other color, leave us comment with your order. 

Availability: Out-of-Stock

Phone holder (GUB)

Free Shipping

Phone holder for electric scooter and bicycles GUB. Model: G85.

Mount on handlebar. tube range: 22,2-31,8mm, Width range: 50-100mm adjustable.

Color: black, red. 

By default we send color black, if you want other color, leave us comment with your order. 

Helmet (red)

Free Shipping

Helmet (red). Size: M and L.

By default we send size L, if you want size M, leave us comment with your order. 


Accessories for electric scooters.

Accessories for an electric scooter and an electric bicycle are equally necessary for those, who are just learning to handle the device, confidently ride it every day or just go for a ride a couple of times a week. They help make the trip comfortable and safe.

What electric scooter accessories can you buy?

On the pages of the site all the most necessary things for the owners of this type of transport are presented. Among them:

  • Charging device;
  • Bags and covers;
  • Box stickers;
  • Locks;
  • Protection (helmets);
  • Phone holders;
  • Handlebar grips (grips);
  • Bells;
  • Lighting devices (sidelights, flashlights).

The range is constantly updated with new positions for both scooters and bicycles.

How to choose bike and scooter locks?

The safety of your own vehicle is of interest to many owners, - this is not surprising, because electric scooters and electric bicycles are not cheap. Locks can help.

Chain with padlock.

This is quite a popular option, - the chain is usually equipped with a key lock or a combination lock. For its production, high-strength steel grades are selected, which are difficult to bite with an ordinary tool.

Lock in U.

They are considered more reliable, as they are made from a thick metal bow. They don't give you the freedom to park like chains, - you should place your vehicle as close to a support as possible.

The weak point is the lock, - it can be opened, if an experienced thief takes over the job.

Folding lock.

The accessory consists of many metal segments, which are connected to each other with rivets. They are one of the most durable and break resistant. In addition, when folded they take up minimal space.

How to choose a helmet to drive electric vehicles?

A mandatory protection element when riding an electric scooter or bicycle is the helmet. In these modes of transport, it develops almost the same speed, as cars, - in case of a fall or accident, there is a serious risk of head injury. Therefore, it must be protected.

The helmet must be CE EN 1078 certified, - this can be verified by looking at the sticker inside the helmet. It is worth choosing according to the volume of your own head (since the sizes may be different: S, M, L).

For electric scooter rides, a helmet with a “skater” design is suitable. Cyclists can choose models with a sportier look.

When you try on the helmet for the first time, make sure it is soft on the inside and fits well on your head. Size and fit adjustment is achieved by a wheel at the back of the head and a chin bar.

Powering up.

Bicycles and scooters must be equipped with handlebar lights and parking lights. Headlights will help you drive comfortably in the dark. The side lights will "mark" you for other road users in the evening and at night.

Lighting devices should be chosen according to the number of modes, the duration of work on a single charge, the brightness of the glow.

Bags for scooter or bicycle.

If electric transportation is an everyday accessory for you, you'll definitely need a bag. It hangs from the steering wheel (scooter or bicycle) or from the frame. The bag should be roomy, easy to remove, so that when you leave the bike, you can take it with you.

Other accessories.

The scooter case will make the device more portable. There are also chargers on the site - they are selected depending on the model of the vehicle. Comfort bike grips will provide a comfortable grip on the steering wheel. Bells will allow you to warn distracted pedestrians. And the phone holder is a convenient device for long trips and daily movements.