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Pump adapter Pump adapter
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Pump adapter

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Adapter to inflate wheels on Xiaomi M365 electric scooter or similar.

The adapter to inflate tyre using standart pum or air compressor.

Spare parts

Spare parts for electric scooter

An electric scooter, like any other vehicle, requires regular maintenance. This can be done independently or in a specialized workshop. In any case, you will need spare parts ( spare parts). On the pages of the online store (virtual store) you will find all the little things you need for scheduled maintenance or repairs.

What positions are presented on the site?

In the online store of spare parts for electric scooters you can find the following items:

  • Disc brakes;
  • Adapter for the pump;
  • Cameras;
  • Steering wheel lock lever;
  • Wings (front and rear);
  • Monitor;
  • Fork;
  • Complete sets of wheels (tyre + tube);
  • Brake pads;
  • Switch button;
  • Engine;
  • Suspension;
  • Caliber;
  • Support;
  • Controller.

And many other products.

How to choose the most important electric scooter parts?

Most often, owners of such devices "say goodbye" to tires and rims. It is literally consumable. Of the most expensive purchases: motors, screens.

Tubes and tires.

Many users criticize the factory tires on Xiaomi electric scooters: they believe that due to the smooth interior of the tube they become more vulnerable to damage. Therefore, some users choose a new tire shortly after purchasing a scooter. It is worth choosing it, focusing on the following parameters:


Depending on the model, the wheels can be from 5 to 12 inches. The more wheels your scooter has, the better it will handle on rough, bumpy roads or even off-road;

Drawing of the band.

It's worth making a choice, focusing on the surfaces you primarily drive on. If it's tarmac or concrete, then slick tires are best for you: slick tires. They literally glide across the surface, allowing you to develop great speed. Those who ride on different surfaces - asphalt, park paths, roadsides - choose semi-slicks for themselves. These tires have thin grooves on the edges that increase traction with the ground. Extreme driving through forests, fields, snow, ice requires tires with a pronounced and deep tread, maybe even studded;

Pneumatic or cast iron.

The pneumatics guarantee the best shock absorption and traction. Tubeless molded tires can be tough, but they are puncture resistant and better suited to extreme conditions.

The camera is a consumable item.

Improperly selected pressure (too high or too low), poor road surface are common causes of electric scooter camera failure. The main thing when choosing an inner tube is to know the size of your wheel.


There are two common types of motors for electric scooters: DirectDrive, geared.

DirectDrive is a large and heavy device with high efficiency and power, outright reliability. It is suitable for those who need high off-road capability, speed and driving dynamics.

The geared motor is lighter, it gives a good roll. Due to the lower power, it develops a moderate speed, sufficient for measured walks on paved roads. Disadvantages include the use of less durable plastic gears in the design.

Other details.

Other replacement parts (from those listed) are usually selected for a specific scooter model. The pages of the site offer original components made in Europe that will delight you with their quality and durability. If you are in doubt about which to choose, - advisers will advise you on a suitable replacement part.

Spare parts